The two main circumferential grooves of the RL43 provide excellent steering stability and reduce tread vibration. Specially designed for straddle carriers, the steel cord belting of the RL43 protects it from punctures during operation that can cost you time and money.

RL43 size and specs

TIRE SIZE PART# Pattern Star Rating TRA Code Compound TMPH Tire Type Tread Depth 32/in Inflated Dimensions Static Loaded Ship Weight Maximum Load Rated Pressure Rim Size
Overall Diameter (inches) Overall Width (inches) Radius (inches) Width (inches)
14.00R24NHS RL43 IND-4 *** ID 130143001 RL43 *** IND-4 ID - TT 61 54.3 14.8 24.0 17.0 433 23800 145 10.00W/24
- - --- 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 0

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